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What is SEO or Search Engine Optimization ?



At this time you almost certainly already know just that SEO is quite important, yet not always well interpreted
and understood .The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps to boost your site traffic
and makes it simpler for customers to discover your business.It's verified that a website that was
optimized will be ranked better than those who are not.
In simple words Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the activity required a website to be found
in search engines for words and phrases relevant to what this site is offering.This process could be
considered as a quality control for the websites by the Search engines and there are two types of
techniques used to improve the SEO -White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO.But SEO isn't only about
building search engine-friendly or highly ranked websites. It's also about making the sites better for the people too.

Unlike the old days now search engines are so advanced that they can "see" how people are finding and interacting
with websites.This clearly means providing a relevant, helpful and useful, high-quality content to the users is the keypoint to SEO.




1) Choosing a Domain Name for Website and Market Research

Something which many of the authors about SEO topic I've read don't even mention is that the
SEO should start just prior choosing a domain name for the website.In fact one of the first and most
important decisions to be make about website in general is choosing a domain name.The article
"How Your Domain Name Will Impact SEO & Social Media Marketing" by Spencer Yao explains
why this first part of the SEO is so delicate and important.
The Market Research will be necessary to estimate the present status of the niche you the website
is aiming to, who will be the major competitors and to help with planing in advance the next step -
the keyword research.As a part of the SEO the Market research includes the local search engine optimization, which also has to be performed regularly on a later stage, when the website is live.


2) Keywords Research 
The Keyword research is a essential component for search engine optimization and when used
correctly it provides magic results.Whle the keyword research is usually explained in articles for
improving the SEO and the site ranking of already existing websites, still this is a thing to be
considered before website goes online."How To Do Keyword Research For SEO".An important
thing to mention about the keywords research-because the keywords in anchor texts are quite
important ranking factor, having these keywords in a domain name can affect in a positive way the
site ranking.

For existing websites the keword research sometimes could be more difficult, because the domain
name already exist.The keyword research is a constant process related to the marketing and site
ranking, which explains why if a site has been in the top of SERP for some time it doesn't really
mean that it will be there forever.Written so you'll understand that the keyword research starts with
the website creation and continues in future.While now it’s not a real necessity to have keywords in
your domain, as mentioned already it can still be beneficial if you are able to find one. This is
because of the backlinks and the anchor text used in those backlinks.
But, isn't it time to say goodbye to content keywords ?



3)On-Page Optimization and On-Site Optimization

The process of onsite search engine optimization involves optimizing the title tags and all site's
pages headers, description tags, meta data, etc.For instance having original images with description
what the images are about by using alt tags is a good practical example of what the on site SEO is
about(see image optimization).The breadcrumbs, H1, H2, H3, the ALT tags, URLs,
codes,sitemap,text formatting and in general - the whole website content and its structure is a
subject to be reviewed in the course of on-site optimization.The removal of a duplicate
content, proper keyword placement and keywords replacement are part of onsite SEO as well. The
on-site optimization can be planned in advance, but same as the keyword research it should be an
endless process to keep and maitain a good site ranking, which depends on other factors too.As
you can probably guess, the on-page optimization is a part of the on-site optimization.Some
experts wrongly use on-page optimization as a synonim of on-site optimization.Additional On-Site
SEO Elements are the site speed, the mobile-frendliness of the website, the internal linking
condition(the links between the internal pages of the website), the outbound linking condition(the
links pointing to other domains or external pages), the condition of the posted content ,is the site
user-friendly (breadcrumbs,sitemaps,404 pages,etc.),the appearance of the site's landing
page...As I mentioned the condition of the posted content, I also would like to use the chance and
to emphasize how important the "fresh" content of a website is for SEO.The other thing I want to
stress on is the quality of the content, as already stated in the beginning.Many of you are aware that
even the volume of the content matters when referring to SEO.


4)Off-Page Optimization and Off-Site Optimization
The targets that the off site optimization is aiming are also higher ranking and more exposure.
To make an easier difference between the on-page and off-page SEOs , just remember that while
the first one happens on,or within a certain website, the second happens outside of it(off-
site).Simple, right?
Link building is the most popular and effective off-Page SEO method.The links serve as a vote for
the websites, so it is essential that sites have great and trusted sources of inbound links. Gaining
quality back links is vital to have strong search engine ranking and one of the most important
factors that a SEO has to include. If there are a lot of valuable links pointing to website's pages,
search engines will assume that this particular site has great content. As per my observations
many people tend to associate the off-site SEO only with link building. In general, the off site SEO
also includes promotion methods for the purpose of ranking a website higher in the search results
(SERP).The mentions on other websites or sources, the social media signals and other referals are
the other equally important part of the off-page SEO for website.Part of the off site optimization are
the competitive analysis, the rank analysis, the traffic analysis, and the conversion analysis.


There are three options to choose from about the SEO of optimization:

A)To do it yourself.
B)To delegate the task to somebody else.
C)Not to do it.

If you choose option A click here to see what tools you can use for SEO.
If you choose option B click here to check how much cost SEO services provided by professional companies.
If you decide to go for option C click here.



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