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What is a Suspect versus a Prospect?

Do you ever wonder what the world would be like if everyone said exactly what they thought, no matter what?


If you have, it’s probably led to the imagination of a bleak existence that has left you thankful for reservation and politeness. Honesty is often harsh enough, especially when dealing with the general public.


Although, it would be nice if people didn’t waste your time.


As a sales rep, it never gets any easier to give your best effort during a demo or sales call just to realize (sooner or later) that the person you’re talking to is not serious.


They aren’t going to buy. They knew it all along but you have to find out—and sometimes it stings.


While you may hold onto your frustration for a while after these calls, you may not have to deal with as many going forward.


Two of the sales terms that will help you out immensely in this area are “suspect” and “prospect”. Knowing the difference and how to label leads in your funnel quickly will save you precious time.


Defining these two terms is exactly what we hope to do in this post. Let’s get into it.


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