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What is a Blogger, and what do Bloggers do?

What is a "blog" and what is behind the name of a "blogger"? was the question I asked one of my friends, who was a blogger, many years ago before the "Blogging" virus hit me.

The core idea of this article is to answer the question, what exactly is a blogger and what are the tasks of a blogger.
Apart from it, I will also try to answer following questions:


What is a Blog and Why Are Blogs Important?
What is necessary to have a Blog?
What does a Blogger do and Who can be a Blogger?
Why Bloggers need Blogs?
Why Are Bloggers Important?
Who can be a Blogger?


What is a Blogger?

A person who runs own Blog or writes content for Blogs is called a Blogger.


What is a Blog?

A "blog" is a textual content presented on the Internet, which is usually in chronological order and represents a kind of diary. Blogs can be in general, or a specific topic or genre, or could be a website where the blogger saves and shares thoughts or life experience in the form of a personal journal.A single author can create a blog, or the blog it can be a result of the contributions of different bloggers.

Why Are Blogs Important?

The blogs, are simple to use, as well as benefiting the user by allowing an online edition of the text, as well as hosting the image and video content blog. The online version of the entries is a clear advantage over the traditional web page format since the editing tools are available in the blog's web access: the blog owner can create or edit the content from any device with access to the Internet, whether it's a computer, laptop, tablet or a smartphone.

The blogs are a means of promulgating content of great importance on the Internet.Blogs are online media, independent source of information, a reference for those who need to contrast opinions, news, and facts.

Blogs not only provide information but are places for debate and communication between visitors and subscribers.The blogs are great for those who have launched them and for those who follow them. The followers or visitors of a blog can benefit from a subjective and impartial opinion about a specific topic and, therefore, resolve certain doubts that, otherwise, would remain pending.

The Blogs are easy to follow, and the followers have at their reach the linked RSS feeds to a blog that, through a program for PC or mobile application, warn of newly published posts.

What is necessary to have a Blog?

Having a blog is very easy because the costs of creating a typical blog are either minimal or practically nonexistent these days. But, having a successful blog and turning it into professional work is a different thing. It is essential for everybody who has decided to start any blog to know that a lot of passion is required, plus other features, some of which I will mention below.


What does a Blogger do?

As I explained the person who runs a blog is called a blogger. A blogger could be a person, who doesn't own a blog but writes or creates content for other websites or weblogs.

Among the most frequent blogger types are tech bloggers, travel bloggers, car bloggers, fashion bloggers, video bloggers, political bloggers, food bloggers, etcetera.

An experienced blogger can help the others with knowledge and experience. A blogger can sign his blog with his name, with a nickname or a pseudonym, or even remain anonymous.


What Bloggers Do?

Bloggers write and maintain blog or blogs.The blog entries written by the bloggers are in the form of short journal entries. Therefore, usually, blogs tend to have a very personal touch, which in turn makes up the individual charm of a blog.Bloggers are responsible for managing the comments of readers, establishing a dialogue with them.I think the conversation is one of the most exciting features of blogs.Some bloggers, who do blogging for a living are called professional bloggers and the blogs they create content for can be private or corporate blogs.For those who never read or heard about the term "blogging"-this is the process of maintaining or adding content to a blog or blogs.

Before I continue further, I would like to put some light on the reasons why Bloggers need Blogs.


Why Bloggers need Blogs?
Depending on each person, the reasons for creating a blog can be very different. For some, the primary purpose is to create a place to express and exchange opinions and ideas, without any profit, and for others, the motive can be a new way to make money on the Internet.
Being a blogger is exciting, but requires dedication, enthusiasm and above all, persistence. By generating useful content for the readers, over time, bloggers can become influencers and also think about monetizing their website.

Professional Blogging vs. Blogging as a Hobby



Blogging as a Hobby

As explained above, there are many reasons to create a blog, and one of them is: just for fun.
Even with the presence of many social networks these days, many bloggers create their weblogs as an opportunity to communicate with others.Blogging can be an excellent chance to earn some money, even to make a living. Most people have a blog and use the blogging to express their thoughts, opinion, and points of view on different topics.For example, most of the existing private blogs are a result of some particular interest such as art, technology, writing, music, movies and so on.

Blogging for fun or writing a blog as a hobby is quite popular and many bloggers are doing it.

Other bloggers use the possibility of turning that hobby into a business, and they become professional bloggers after some time.


Professional Blogging

As commented Blogging can also be an excellent way to earn some money, even to make for a living.
Blogging involves direct engagement with Internet users, and the blogs together with other forms of social networking are the places where bloggers interact with their audience.
A professional blogger is a person who has managed to turn his hobby into his work. In other words, it has achieved something that only a low percentage of bloggers make: they can afford to live on the blogs they have created and maintain or to write blogs for other blogs for the living.

The professional Bloggers manage to keep some frequency in their publications and keep the interest their audience.

In my observation, a "professional blogger" has on average three blogs, have posts published 2-3 times a week and usually has articles, published in different websites, mostly in the same niche.Such a frequency, of course, it's not a standard and varies, depending on experience, available time, knowledge, spheres of competence and other factors.
There are not so many bloggers who manage to live on their blogs.Without an intention to disappoint you- This is not an easy job, and it is not usually possible to make a living from your blog so quickly. There is a long way to go if you want to be a Professional Blogger.

Who can be a Blogger?

Anyone with a computer or mobile device and access to the Internet can become a blogger.
The topics of a blog are unlimited: from personal diaries to scientific, technological, educational, political or health matters.
Creating a blog allows people to publish content regularly on their website, share opinions, ideas and thoughts, and communicate with others, interested in blogging and everything else.I have read hundreds and thousands of different articles, blog posts and opinions on this topic and I think everyone can become a blogger.Being a blogger though is much more than writing and publishing via a CMS such as WordPress, Tumblr or Blogger for example.Writing in a successful blog and being a successful blogger is also different things.


What do I need to become a blogger?

Apart from the internet access, everyone who wants to become a blogger needs to have two significant features as a part of the character: curiosity and passion.

The primary task of every blogger is to convert the traditional passive reader into an active reader, a reader who communicates and interacts with the blog, either as a commentator or as an author.

The latter is also the significant difference between a "blogger" and a "good blogger."

Who can be a Professional Blogger?

This question is not so easy to answer.

In theory, all people can create a blog and become a blogger.

However, to dedicate yourself exclusively and live on your blog will need time and specializations, so you do not get lost in the millions of options that the web offers you. If you are interested in content marketing blogs, for instance, you will need some knowledge to make your strategy successful.Plus again: a passion, courage, and patience.


How to become a Professional blogger?

Writing just for pleasure is relatively easy, but being a successful professional blogger is something else. Despite having certain facets in common with the art world, blogging depends less on the factor of luck or talent and more of the hours you invest to reach the top.


Why Are Bloggers Important?

The bloggers are important because they create blogs, and as we all know over the past years, blogs have become increasingly important in our lives and every industry. Since a blog usually is associated with a topic, any user interested in this topic can read the blog in question. As there are millions of blogs in the world, there is enough to satisfy the curiosity of almost everyone.
A Blogger is a person, who has what to say to an audience, and experienced Bloggers know how to master the art of online conversations to perfection.A Blogger and an influencer are different things, and it is essential to make a difference, but in real life, most of the very best bloggers are also influencers.



Few more words about Blogs, Blogging, and Bloggers

Blogging is a meaningful activity, a business, or a hobby that helps people to interact.
A Blog can be a primary source of information on the Internet that many people access. Creating and successfully running a blog can be done for anyone with a little background and perseverance. A blog means communication, interaction, and networking.
The primary task of a Blogger is writing, but many of best bloggers are also influencers.

If you feel like blogging now, then just read my article "How you can build a blog that stands out among the others" , which is about making your blog different and exciting for your audience.


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