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Want a Cool Underwater Timepiece? Look at These Top Features

In this day and age, watches have bulked up steadily. Even the traditionally conservative companies are leading the way with dive models. They are making watches with ample quantities of what we can precisely refer to as ‘wrist presence.’


Dive watches have always been extremely practical timepieces. They are self- explanatory, worth for today’s crazy youths. These uniquely-designed timepieces are designed to calculate how long a diver has been underwater. They come equipped with some exciting features and perform like a trainer when you are underwater.


No matter your reason for owning men’s dive watches, a stylish timepiece always makes a statement. Here, we are explaining some of the great features of dive watch that you should consider when purchasing one.


Standard Features


For better understanding, we are diving standard features in two categories: Depth Rating and Track Elapsed Dive Time.


  • Depth Rating: A watch which rated minimum 100m/300ft as water resistant is perfect for SUBA diving. There are also watches having ratings that far exceed the 100m depth. If you want to buy a watch for SCUBA diving, don’t choose one whose depth is less than 100m.


  • Track Elapsed Dive Time: Diving watches come equipped with the unidirectional rotating bezel. The bezel is a unique feature that measures dive timing easily. It helps you to see your elapsed dive time at a glance. There are some watches that are equipped with a window in which you can see a separate digital stopwatch. This is an easy way to track elapsed time.



Other Features


There are some other features that you should consider while buying a men’s dive watch.


  • Luminous Markings: Before choosing your watch, measure its luminescence. It should be easy to read in dim light. Use your torch before or during a dive and make sure that the watch is glowing and you can read it easily.


  • Flexible Strap:  A dive watch with flexible strap is the right choice. It allows you to adjust the strap according to your need. If you wear your wetsuit, then the watch band should be expanded over the outside of your suit. So check it at the time of purchase.


  • Automatic Function: Make sure how your watch function. Does it need a battery or drive automatically by solar energy? It is important to check what drives the watch. There are watches that are driven by the solar light whereas there are others driven by the movement of your arm. Simply move your arm, and the watch will automatically wind itself. Whatever is driving your watch, your just need to be aware of the power left during your dive.




The market is flooded with a large number of men’s dive watches. But, don’t choose any one of them blindly. Make sure whether you are buying a watch just to appear stylish or you want to go for a SCUBA diving. In the second case, you need to be careful enough. You need to understand your due diligence and do some homework. Before picking any model, ensure the standard features and some other exemplary features mentioned above. That will speak your style!


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