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Tips to Get Outstanding Content for Your Blog

Normally for the new entrepreneurs, there are some challenges to overcome.Blogging as any other business idea also comes with a host of challenges and finding an audience is a major one.To find an audience as a blogger, you need to have a bunch of really good articles or blog posts.

Creating intriguing content, which must be one of its kind is surely designated for your audience, but a good volume of outstanding and useful published information is also attractive to the search engines and their spiders. A large blog, with many original blog posts on various topics, which provide answers to different questions and contain useful information for the readers, develops fast and in no time can become really popular.This is because the value of such useful blog's content In the Eyes Of  Search Engines is high, which means the blog (and the website, where the blog is published on, respectively) gains authority.The search engines are always hungry for new and fascinating content and in return they will make this new and interesting content findable  for the people who search for it.Well, this is what every blogger, entrepreneur or business representative is looking for.

Popularity and credibility.

This, later on, leads to readers or consumers of the published useful, attractive information and then they might become customers.Eventually. 





The Problem 

Creating a great content on various popular topics and in large volumes is a very difficult task for a single person or even for a small  team/group of bloggers.Two issues to think of.Consistency is the third critical part of the successful blog.In short, you will need three of those mentioned components - outstanding and interesting topics, good enough volume of interesting  content and consistency.Consistency with producing more new and useful for your audience posts.

This is all that is needed for one blog to start rolling on the way to be successful.

Once this tactic is established the results will come, sooner or later.Please note - I used the "to start rolling" for a reason.Your tasks to make a successful blog will not be completed, yet.However, this is another long topic which I'm not planning to discuss in this post. 



 The Solutions 

Every problem has a solution and the problem with the insufficient amount of super cool content (about almost everything, if possible) is not an exemption, hopefully.In fact, there is not only one, but a number of different solutions to choose from.

The first solution is to create the articles yourself.The second solution is to hire the article.The third possible solution is to hire someone to help you with the task.The fourth one is to use syndicated content, curate existing content,re-post or aggregate content on your blog.Solution number five is to buy directly content from somewhere.The sixth solution is to steal something, already published and to modify it. Then, to put your name and re-publish it. "Voila!"."The Ends  Justifies The Means"....I will not discuss this option further because for me it is not a real solution of the problem that exists.Not to mention that it is not ethical and could bring you in trouble.

Let's now have a further , more detailed look on each one of the 6 remaining possible solutions.Without number six, as mentioned above.


Solution number One  Or  Be Brave and Patient

Choose the topics of the day,which you plan to be part of your blog's content.You must pick up topics which are interesting for the audience and for you too.Get ready and start creating.Create as many as possible  different by content and topics pieces of art.Make your blog posts stand out from the crowd and wait for the results.This is a solution which is  going to work, when you have enough time.Which actually is the disadvantage of this solution,because most of the people I know usually don't have enough time.But at least it's free.



Solution number Two  Or  The Different Approach

Hiring an article or articles is something relatively new to the world of blogging.I will try to dedicate a separate post about it, since the idea is  quite interesting.Let's say for the moment this is something similar to content syndication.



Solution number Three  Or  Do you need interesting and fresh content for your new blog or site?

If you choose this method to be your solution for dealing with the problem about where to get useful stuff for you blog, I think you will do a  good choice.The best part of it is you have even more options to choose from where to get the so important content for your blog. These  options  are:

  • Hire someone from one of the many existing freelancers platforms
  • Use one of many available websites which are also dedicated to freelancers, but they are more profiled and professionally oriented to  content creation and content editing.Such services are known as textbrokers. .Usually, these freelancers are called ghostwriters and they will  create a Custom Content.Especially for you;
  • Hire a professional Marketing Agency to do the whole dirty job for you;
  • Get in touch with a freelancer by accessing directly her/his professional website and  hire them to write the content for you. 
  • Apart of the already mentioned freelancing platfrms,you can also find many offers in internet about guest blogging,which doesn't always  necessarily means this is an expensive option.Such a place can be Facebook or Craiglist for instance.There are many cases where the  common interests is the reason the guest blogging to be absolutely free.One of these interests can be links exchange, another could be  building reputation, and so on.I mentioned Facebook here, because there are hundreds of groups for enterpreneurs, marketers, and  bloggers where you can exchange useful information and valuable ideas with your fellows;



Solution number Four  Or  How to Use an Outstanding Content That Is Not Yours on Your Blog. 

Content syndication,content curation,aggregation and re-posting or republishing of content, legally.

There are times when content syndication could be utilized for a new or an existing blog and makes sense. Many useful blog posts exist  about syndicated content and how making it work for your interest, so I will not write much about this variant to obtain a great content for your  blog.To get some advantage and fill up your blog as a start you can syndicate someone else’s content that you found from their feed and fill  up the gaps in your blog or site in such a way to be interesting for your blog's visitors.

I would recommend to read "Content Syndication: How to Get Started" by Andrew Delamarter, which explains a lot about the content  syndication.

The same is valid for the curated content. Content curation might be useful ,depending on what your goals are. You can have a look and decide if  any of these two similar, but still different options might work for your blog,website or idea. A useful post about the content curation is  "5  Ways to Curate Content on Your Blog " by Susan Gunelius .

 Content Aggregation basically is the collection of information, based on a common topic from different sources with the idea for reuse the  content.It can be useful if you can't find a better way to get or create a new useful content.

There are some written and non-written rules and ethics about Re-posting or Republishing really good content which is not yours right on  your blog.My suggestion is to take your time and check "How to Use Content That Isn’t Yours" by Matt Cooper which will give you an idea  how suitable this solution will be in your case.



Solution number 5  or  Do you still need fresh and interesting content for your new website or blog?

In the third variant for a solution of the problem with the (new) content for your (new) blog, I mentioned there are many available websites,  which are dedicated to content creators,copywriters,ghostwriters,editors and marketers. 

Another option to go for is to find and buy ready to be published blog posts from websites which have them available.The great advantage  of this solution is that you can choose articles created for your niche(s) and get them for use almost immediately.Furthermore articles or  posts created by ghostwriters are normally sold with copyrights which means once you buy them they will become your legal property.The  disadvantage of this solution is the budget, but nothing is free.





Final thoughts

If you’re just getting into the game, or you’re thinking about becoming a blogger or entrepreneur, be prepared for the hurdle with the content  of your blog.It's never easy ,so don't sit back and hope the online world will find you.Internet offers plenty of opportunities for  bloggers,marketers,entrepreneur and content writers so you just need to find and get them.

I truly hope my post will help you to choose a solution or come up with some different from the shared here ideas.


Please feel free to comment , suggest ideas and share your point of view.



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