13 Things You Must Consider Before Buying a New Home

Buying a new home is usually the biggest financial commitment in our lives and few small mistakes can cost us a lot.

If you’ve decided to move forward with purchasing your first home, get ready to spend some time and resources.The entire process of buying new home can be time-consuming, expensive and frustrating. And tedious too.


Is buying the right thing for you?


Owning your first home is a good experience for many people and you can make the process easier by ensuring you know all the right information and anything that might interfere with the normal flow of the entire procedure of purchasing a new home.If you have decided to buy a new home, the first question you have to ask yourself is for how long you plan to use it. Consider your future plans. Is this a home you plan on living in for years , or will it become an investment later on?

Before you buy a new home - a house or a flat- there are a number of questions you need to ask yourself.Whether it is a new or old building, its location, what is the number of rooms you will need, the price and method of financing, and many others.Before taking a look at any properties, summarize everything you want in a home, considering the input from all family members. Then choose your priorities and go for it.

The below list summarizes all important 13 things one should consider before buying a new home-a house, an apartment or something else.


1. Location

Decide on the area you want to buy your new home. This involve spending some time in that area or at least doing some research at home in order to make sure you are getting value for money. Talk to real estate agents, check recent sales in the chosen location and visit as many places as you can looking for properties that fit your criteria.Thus you will have a good idea of what your money can buy.

Finding the desired location for living is the thing we normally start with.

Take into account carefully the area in which you might live.Of course-some areas might be quite expensive, but consider the fact that living in a remote area, where the properties’ prices are affordable might cost you more money in the future, for transport, for instance.

What about the children?

The families, who already have or plan to have kids, must look for kindergartens and schools in the chosen area. If you have to drive your child every morning this rather will complicate your life.Then- how your child will go home after school?


2. The Neighborhood

Even if you find what feels like the right home, you can’t underestimate the importance of the neighborhood that surrounds it. Think about your personal life and the routines do you go through on a daily or weekly basis.Compare with the parts of your current neighborhood-what irritates you or make your life better, how save is it to live there? These criteria should factor in to what you personally want in a neighborhood. 


How close is everything? Do you have a relative, that you may well "inherit" in the future? If the answer is positive, you should consider even more what services they will require ahead of time .

You will probably notice some of the little conveniences a bit later, when you need them.Look carefully at everything. If you dase orient yourself, ask someone living in the area, where everything is and what the situation is.

For example- where’s the nearest bus stop, hospital, shops, post office,police station, pharmacy? Grocery store? Nearest mall? The other public-service buildings, the doctor’s office?  And the most importantly – good educational options, from daycare to high school, which was already mentioned above.


4. Convenience

Let’s presume you are on the place, taking a tour of the “home of your dreams”, together with the real estate agent. Pay attention to the condition of the entrances, staircases, elevators (if applicable) and space around the property.You may not have the slightest problem with stairs, but this is one of those times it’s helpful to think about the future.If you plan to age in place, a long, steep staircase may not be the best feature.

The ease with which you can move from indoor to outdoor living areas and back, can make a huge difference in your day-to-day experience of living in a home.


5. Building

You should consider the age of the building and what facilities might require repairs or replacement. Other essential point about the building, where your home will be, is about the charges for regular maintenance. Many people don’t think at this aspect when they buy a new apartment-the various taxes and fees, water charges, common electricity charges, elevator charges and charges for hired help, like the garbage cleaner and security. Find out how and what is included and not included in the charge.How about the security of the building, the used materials and the thermal insulation, which is not obligatory in various places yet?


6. Interior

The the interior layout, also called a floor plan, can have a big effect on your daily life. Walk through the rooms and try to imagine your typical day. This might give you some ideas, or notice some new “details”. Think about not just what you want today but what you might want in the future and how achievable is it.

Where possible- check under the carpets-this will allow you to see the condition of the floors below.


7. Furniture

Is the home you are looking for brand new and still empty or it’s an old property and the owners sell it together with the existing furniture?


Buying a pre-owned property has its advantages and disadvantages.Do you like the previous owner’s style choices, for instance? Sure- you are looking to buy a new home, not just furniture. One important factor that must be considered though is the “hidden” costs, that will be mentioned later.

A complete furnishing of the living place can cost a ton of money, sometimes -more than the actual property’s price. Don’t think yet about rushing into a new furniture purchase-you will have plenty of time to do it.

Buying a property is usually an aspirational purchase- people want to be excited about a house or a flat, be inspired, to be seduced, and it’s not very likely that will happen with an empty home.For a brand new property it all starts from a scratch and also - you must have considerable resources.


However-if the furniture is not present in the desired property yet, or you just plan to buy new one- imagine setting up your own furniture in the rooms as you walk through and don’t forget to bring measurements- this is the right moment and it’s very important.


8. Rooms


Not toobig,but not too small either - you must choose the right room size for your lifestyle, before it is late. Are the rooms enough as a number for your family?

How big the doors are? What about the windows?

Look for the presence of sliding or accordion glass doors leading from the main living spaces to the outdoors.Would it be easy to get your furniture and appliances in (and out)? Many people can underestimate this important point, especially the non-experienced, or the first time buyers.


Bathroom-in many countries the bathroom is only one as a standard, while in others the minimum is two. Adding a bathroom is expensive, so better choose a home with enough baths to meet your family’s needs. Even if you are a household of only one or two people, an extra room on the main floor can be a big benefit.If you have this opportunity- flush the toilets and just check to make sure the faucets all work before buying to eliminate the back ache.

Kitchen- whoever does most of the cooking in your household has to take a detailed look about the kitchen. Do you usually cook on a gas stove? If so, be sure to check if the house is connected to a gas line. Think about where you'll store your cookware, whether there's enough room in the cabinets and cupboards (if present) or if you'll want to hang a pot rack somewhere. By the same token-other things to consider in the kitchen includes its general layout, the sources of natural light, the number of sinks,the location of the various outlets, if the appliances (if present) and outlets work and if the room’s overall size will it be enough for your needs. Make sure the kitchen have proper ventilation and exhaust air extraction, which is functional. You might want to taste the water from the faucet, or at least to flush the water into a glass –this might give you an idea about the condition of the water supply pipes and if extra spending might be required soon.


Bedroom-this is one of the most important spots you should look onto. Even if you can't afford to replace the hideous wallpapers in the bedroom now, it might be worth it to live with such things for a while in exchange for getting into a home you can afford. Don't make a compromise that will be a major strain.

As an example - don't get a one-bedroom home when you know you're planning to have children and will want one, two, or even three more bedrooms.


You most probably have an idea about which will be the most important rooms in your new home, like in any other home. I will just mention the laundry room and the study, but they are not as important (apart of the location of the washing and the drying machines) as the above described rooms.


Living room-this is the place where the families spend most of their time at home, hence this area deserves a special attention.In this room the family members gather to listen to music, watch a TV, chat,play games or enjoy other activities.The living room, (also named a lounge room) is usually the most spacious room in the apartment or the house and often adjacent to the kitchen.These days the living room normally becomes a part of the kitchen itself. This room have another important function-meeting and entertaining your guests-relatives or friends. What important things you should observe about this room - its location, sizes and the possibilities for design and decoration, including installing an entertainment center, if you decide and not available yet.


9. Light and windows

Look carefully at the light .There are many benefits to have more natural light into your home. This is something with a paramount importance, yet it’s surprisingly easy to overlook when attending different properties. Ideally, look for a home with ample, well-placed windows. Once you have a few homes on your list that are the strongest contenders, make appointments to give them a second look at a different time of day. Of course, you can add and modify windows, but it’s not the cheapest replacement to make to a house.By the way (and this is not a joke) – try to open and close all the windows.Isn't exactly rocket science to understand why this is necessary.


10. The balcony, the terrace or the veranda

Having at least one of the three options would be nice.

Does the home of your dreams have a balcony, a terrace, or a veranda so you can enjoy the romantic view or afternoon sunshine,or you will be blocked by other buildings around? Of course, this is a matter of a personal point of view-there are lot of families living in buildings, without balconies or terraces, especially in the largest world cities. Probably you’ll agree though, even if you’re not a smoker-having the opportunity to go and get some (maybe even fresh) air outside from time to time, seems to be better choice. Ideally-with a nice view, in front of you.


11. Air-conditioning (HVAC)

One more topic, which deserves your attention. In short-make sure the air-conditioning systems - when they are present- are operational. Knowing that these things work prior to actually needing them is an important item.Check if these systems work properly- make sure they blow their respective temperatures in addition to just turning on. It’s useless to remind how expensive investment a new HVAC system (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system) can be.

12. The Garage

Do you have a car or cars? These days many families often own more than one, so most probably you’ll have to think about yours too. Will car parking be provided and do you have to pay extra for it? It might seem awkward, but the lack of a parking slot or a garage in the vicinity of your future property might change your opinion, even if you thought you’ve found the best place to live in.


13. The “Hidden” expenses

There are a variety of related immediate and ongoing costs,which can add about extra 20 per cent onto the cost of your new property – and even more if you plan to undertake significant development or complete redecoration of your new home.
A lot of buyers, especially first-time home buyers, go over budget on the purchase of their new home. Something really, really important (especially when planning to buy pre-owned property) is to include in your calculations the so called “hidden” costs - as many as you can think of. The minor upgrades and cosmetic fixes are inexpensive tricks are a seller's dream for playing on your emotions and eliciting a much higher price tag.Yes-you can probably live with the old chairs for some time.

Try to evaluate though - how long would take and how much will cost you to completely renew the whole electrical system, the sewage drain lines or the water supply piping- quite important if your new home is in an old building and there are no signs of recent improvements.


Final thoughts 

Buying new home is a serious step to take and for this reason the whole process should be planned and thoroughly considered.

Buying not just new property, but new home is an exciting period of your lives and my advice is such a step to be done with the professional help of a trusted real estates agent.The broker will guide you and advise on issues you might face for the first time, check the property, mortgages, unsettled utilities and will also help you with questions about fees and commissions.If you decide not to trust a broker, you take a risk to face some serious problems after the purchase.It is difficult to surrender the excitement as you step оver the threshold of your new home for a first time. Every new home offers unprecedented opportunities to use your imagination, apply your ideas and  make it cozy for you and your family.When proceed to search  process, think in perspective,because your new home will not only be your home for a long time, but it may be a good investment.





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