The Ultimate List of Plagiarism Checker Tools

According a detailed academic research of the systems for plagiarism detection ,the best known system by the moment is URKUND.

The below list include 40+ of the most popular free and paid Plagiarism checker tools available online for 2017 and few words about 22 of them.




Copyscape-logo-100 x 50.png

Copyscape is considered as one of the best tools for checking plagiarism and provides free and paid options: a free tool for plagiаrism check by seаrching for copies of your web pages online, as well as two even more powerful paid professional solutions for preventing content theft and content fraud:Copyscape Premium and Copysentry.The Premium version of Copyscape provides more аdvanced plagiarism detection than the free service, аnd a host of other features, including batch seаrch, private index,copy-paste originality checks,case tracking and also an API.The othe product, Copysentry provides versatile protection by scаnning the web on daily or weekly basis automatically and emailing you if new copies of your content or your website  are found.


2.Plagiarism Checker

plagiarism-checker-logo-200 x 50.gif

I wouldn't recommend you to waste time even to check this one,but if you insist...This is not really a tool for checking plagiarism.The "Plagiarism Checker" uses Google for the search queries and have options for checking a text of a limited lenght or website for existing copies online.There is shortcut to setup an alert in Google for monitoring about mentions of already created content.


3.Grammarly Plagiarism Checker

Grammarly-Logo-200 x 50.svg

The plagiarism checker from Grammarly checks your texts against over 8 billion web pages as per the advertising on their website.Gramarly tool for plagiarism detection is free.


4.iThenticate Plagiarism Checker

iThenticate-logo-200 x 60.png

Both products iThenticate plagiarism checker and Turnitin (see below) share the same technology and database contents.However, the design, user experience and outcome are designed to meet the needs of two different types of users.While Turnitin is designed for students in a classroom setting, iThenticate is designed for researchers or academics who need to organize or/and share their work in a similar to Google Docs folder-based system.iThenticate has only paid version and the subscription is not amongst the cheapest on the market, but the software requires little to no training.



Another software which is considered one of the best in the niche.Turnitin provides to its users only a paid version.This product is created for researchers,corporations, governments and is generally meant for users who wish to open and use account in the name of an institution.



DMCA-logo-210 x 70.png

With the Free version you can check for plagiarism only 2 URLs for test.The paid version offer variety of tools such as video files protection,photos protection,protection of written content,etc.



 quetext-logo-200 x 50.png

Quetext is a free intelligent plagiarism detection software with a simple interface and easy to use.The copied and pasted (input) text is mapped into an internal network where it is compared against the entire internet and other databases.The algorithm of Quetext is designed to ignore phrases wrapped in quotations and statistically common phrases, in order to provide a more useful search for potential plagiarism.After the process completes, the results appear below the text input field along with any relevant sources the software has found.Quetext can be convinient to use when the text entered for search queries is longer than 1000 words, which is a limitation most of the other free tools have.



viper-logo-200 x 50.png

Viper is free plagiarism scanning software and its creators claim the tool is designed for both students and teachers.Viper scans through a database of millions of essays and also other online sources -but, unlike Turnitin, Viper is free.However if you decide to use the software in return you have to agree on your works or essys  to be uploaded to Viper's database in three months time and used by other students.Viper is downloadable software, but it's not available for download in all contries yet.When installed the software provides opportunity to scan your text documents against other documents on your computer, as well as against online internet sources.


9.Article Checker


Similar to Quetext and others,the ArticleChecker is another free,simple and easy to use tool for plagiarism detection. The available version is limited to 1000 words per a search,which in most cases is good enough.The results for any text duplication appear with an indication of match similarity in percentage.



duplichecker-logo-200 x 50.png

The Duplichecker online plagiarism checker is another free tool whether you are going to use it for a single purpose or repeatedly.If you plan to use Duplichecker repeatedly, you need to sign up because only one search per day is allowed for the unregistered users. The registered users are allowed to do up to 50 searches a day using this simple to use plagiarism software.Each search is limited to 1000 words,similar to other free tools for plagiarism detection.


11.Plagium Plagiarism Checker

plagium-logo-200 x50.png

The free online plagiarism checker and plagiarism detection tool Plagium will help you track duplication with just a few clicks.The intelligent online plagiarism detection software is provided with free and paid options.To use the free option the user need to simply paste text in the provided text input box to get instant plagiarism feedback.The Plagium's free tool can be used for texts with lenght of up to 5000 characters.The users of the free version of Plagium plagiarism checker can compare two texts by pasting them in the provided input text boxes.For registered members the paid version of the tool gives other options to compare text : by URL,to batch upload of files,etc. plus to save searches,set alerts and more.



 With this tool the users can lookup for duplicates in 180 languages in Google or Yahoo.The text can be pasted in a provided search box or uploaded.The supported documents' formats for the uploaded files are quite diverse : *.txt, *.rtf, *.doc, *. docx, *.xls, *.xlsx, *. pdf, *.html,*.odt, *.epub, *.fb2, *.pdb.The free version of Plagiarisma detection tool slightly resembles Plagiarism Checker, but this is probably the only thing in common.There's also a paid option which allows the registered members to perform not only more searches,but also to get access to additional toolbox of functions.



plagramme-logo-200 x 40.png

As advertised on the website Plagramme will check your documents against 14 trillion websites,journals, articles, books and periodicals. This feature is growing on a daily basis, and as per the team created the software this is what sets Plagramme plagiarism checker service apart from the others.The scoring system of the multilangual Plagramme offers several features as similarity score,plagiarism risk score,bad citations.Although the tool seems promising its users will not be able to check the full capabilities of the software unless they pay a fee.A drawback is the fact that there's no provided an easy to use test version.In order to get an acces to the so  called "free" version the registered users have either to share on their Twitter,or on Facebook a recommendation for Plagramme, or to send e-mail to five of their friends in order to spread the word.By this you can get credits,which can be used to get more details after testing the text.Apart of it by using the free version only you can still get a basic report,which can be useful sometimes.The report for the uploaded text can be either seen on the website, or received by e-mail.


14.Plagiarism Checker by ePlagiarism 

eplagiarism-logo-200 x 50.png

The ePlagiarism is advertised as an alternative to Tinitin and Viper.Designed as a free system to assist teachers in various daily plagiarism check tasks,ePlagiarism helps its users to verify the uniqueness of various documents such as homework assignments or presentations.The software gives option to integrate older existing papers in a database,possibility for endless storage of documents and more.Similarly to Viper, the ePlagiarism software has to be downloaded and run on a personal computer.Once installed the user can upload document using Drag & Drop technology and run the scan.I only tried to test one document in two versions -.doc and .txt,and as per the program the uploaded text was unique.Actually-it was't.There was a problem to upload the .doc file of 1749 words ,due to an error "Failed to extract the text from the document".As per the description the software work with these and few other types as well, but in my case I only managed to upload the .txt file.I gave another try with a shorter .doc file which consists of 178 words and I succeded to upload it, but as per results given by the software,again the file was unique in the world, which was not true.



plagtracker-logo-200 x 50.png

There are free and paid versions of this product.By using the paid varsion of PlagTracker,or Premium account the users get access to various functions which are not available in the free version.These are Instant report,Grammar check,File Upload,PDF report,References processing,Access to API,Unlimited number of text and Checking Volume.By using the free version the users can only test one text entry  per day.This though can be enough to compare Plag Tracker with other available software and to decide if this plagiarism check system works good for you. 




The free version of the smart plagiarism checker allows to compare your documents or text with lenght up to 500 words versus live web index. The paid version supports text formats including .doc, .docx, .rtf, .txt, .odt, .html, and .pdf and other functions.Unlike other plagiarism check tools Unplag plagiarism detection engine can find text matches if some of the characters in the copied text were substituted with their twins from other alphabets,which other plagiarism checkers are lacking.




 I tried to test the free version of this one and spend over 40 minutes with two texts of less than 500 words,but I didn't get any resuts.For one of the texts the progress bar get stuck on 90% and the other on 97%. One of the texts was actually copied from the description of the Noplag site.There's a paid version too,so if you want you can give it a try.I usually don't spend money on something that seems suspicious.




One more online tool for plagiarism and duplicate content checking and monitoring.The free version of PlagSpotter instantly find copies of any web pages-the user just have to enter an URL and click on the Find Copies button to momentarily get a detailed list of sources that eventually repost content.The paid version not only automatically scans,but also detects and monitors web pages for duplicate content.The paid version of the tool is amongst the cheapest offered and it can be useful for SEO specialists,bloggers,teachers,students,journalists and more.There's also an API available.


19.Plagiarism Checker by Small SEO Tools


This free online scanner for duplicated content doesn't have an option to check the content by entering an URL as some other tools.To use the plagiarism checker the users have to copy and paste the text they want to examine for duplicates, in the provided content box , and then click on the button that says “Check Plagiarism!” .The plagiarism checker by Smal SEO Tools doesn't provide something special or exceptional,but a free check for rewritten,spun or duplicated content,as it says. 


20.Whitesmoke Plagiarism Checker


 One of the rivals of Gramarly and Ginger, Whitesmoke is renowned for its other tools such as grammar checker,spell checker,translator,style checker.The  plagiaricm checker is only available as a paid option and can be used as a part of a package, which includes grammar and punctuation checker,contextual spelling checker,writing style checker,writing enhancer and translator for more than 50 different languages .The software is available for Windows based desktop systems or as a web application , supports tablets and smartphones (iPhone and Android)  and all of the latest browsers.




CopyLeaks offers entire website plagiarism scan and searches for a duplicated content in more that 60 trillion pages over the internet.The software has a free and paid versions and supports multiple file formats.For the free version is required a registration which allows the users to perform 2 concurrent scans up to 2500 words per month.



Before you continue to the remaining part of this list I would like to mention the independent tests of the most popular software for plagiarism which are result of Proff.Dr.Deborah Weber Wulff's work and will give you an idea which software actually does plagiarism detection.The below chart represent the test results from different software and the effectivenes of the tested tools for plagiarism detection.





As per the tests this is the best software available by now for detection of plagiarism and plagiarism prevention.The system is used by schools,colleges, universities and companies.There is not available free version of the software.


Just below the list of the popular names in the plagiarism detection continues.As you can see I only included hyperlinks, but not details.In the comments section you can share your opinion about the available software for plagiarism detection and if have any thoughts or recommendations.


23.PaperRater Plagiarism Checker


24.Dustball Plagiarism Checker


25.Advanced Plagiarism Checker by Search Engine Reports


26.CatchItFirst Plagiarism Checker






29.PrePost Plagiarism checker


31.WebCons Similar Page checker (duplicate content checker)


32.Plagiarism Checker by Solid SEO Tools


33.Academic Plagiarism




35.SEO Tools Centre Plagiarism Checker


36.Plagiarism Checker X


37.SEO Tool Station


38. TheSEOTools-Plagiarism Checker


39.Plagiarism Checker by Plagiarism Software


40.Plagiarism Detector 


41.Plagiarism Checker Tool by Smart SEO Tools



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