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The Only Secret, Which Really Matters In Link Building

The Secret

How many of the e-mail messages you have received you in your e-mail box contain a promise the sender can reveal the secret for beating the search engines' results and to improve your site's rankings thus getting a flood of free traffic to your web site? 
I mean these offers, which are very common and promise you the "secret" for only $69, or something like that.
As if there is some magic bean of information that will shoot your web site to the top of the search engines overnight and fill your bank account with cash. That is hogwash my friend.
There is no secret. If there was a secret, then for sure the marketers would not offer it for $69 (only).


The secret to search engine ranking is the same as it has ever been.
Voila!There is no secret. 

Please don't just take my word for it.


[Tip: You don't need to reinvent the wheel. Read up on what others have already done.Check Official Google Webmaster Central Blog ]

You can research the topic in details for yourself and find tons of free information all over the web from top SEO and Internet marketing gurus.
They all agree. One of the most important factors of getting good search engine rankings and on a later stage a free, organic traffic is determined basically by the number of one way backlinks, which are pointing to your web site. 
This is how the search engines determine how important your web site is compared to the other hundred million sites on the net.


Why It Doesn't Work?

So why isn't every website on page No1 of Google's results, if the obvious reason is not a secret?
Everyone is trying to take shortcuts with outdated linking strategies like reciprocal linking or low-quality article submission. 
Do you really think submitting articles to run of the low-quality mill article directories is going to be enough to put you on page No1 on Google?
It certainly won't.


What Is the Solution?

Submitting to quality article directories with a reputation is important, but much more than this is needed. 
You need quality links from a variety of web sites, social bookmarking sites, web 2.0 sites and blogs to beat the competition on the top.
It is well known that Google values the high-quality, one way links from sites relevant to your niche, 
with a well established reputation.

It is also undisputed that good quality, well written blogs really matter a lot for the search engines. 
Google loves the most useful blogs.
If you can get one way links from relevant blogs your rankings can improve almost overnight.


The Conclusion.

if you want to get to the first pages of Google's Search Results you have to start producing and sharing a very good quality information.
This, sooner or later will pay for itself by means of backlinks to your shared information, regardless if the shared was a blog post on Tumblr, or an image on Pinterest.
Naturally the links will bring popularity.If sharing of the very good quality information is frequent,then the positive results will come faster.


Simple, ain't it?



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