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The one spy Best Spy App 2017

TheOneSpy App is one of the best tracking and spying software programs out there. The simple to understand and use dashboard feature is what makes it stand out above similar apps and the bucket load of features just make it a better deal to avail. Whether you’re getting suspicious of your spouse, looking for a way to monitor your child’s device or hoping to keep tabs on an employee with a company’s phone, TheOneSpy will get you through your problems with ease. TheOneSpy provides you all the sufficient data to paint a clear picture of what’s going on rather than giving you just an overview like other competitor apps.

TheOneSpy has an easily usable dashboard control panel and is laden with extremely useful features to make your spying arsenal the strongest. In addition to the usual features like reading messages, viewing images or call logs, with TheOneSpy app you can get a real time view of the GPS locations, use someone’s phone as bugging device, record calls and send messages from the target device. You can send commands to the target device via SMS to have the phone perform a number tasks such as activating the mic/camera bugging or deleting the app from the phone altogether.

Any activity which you want to monitor is referred to as an Event on your control panel and these events can even be saved when the phone isn’t connected to the internet, out of cellular range or on airplane mode. You can choose how often you want the phone to upload events to your dashboard but if you keep the intervals too small the target phone may run out of battery soon.  The app also offers multi device support which no other spy app has introduced yet. With this feature you don’t have to worry about you or your target buying a newer phone as long as it is running on the same operating system. If they do change their operating system however (from android to IOS for instance) you will have to inform the app’s customer service department and they will guide you through the process but you can still use the same license as before instead of getting a new one which other apps require you to do.

TheOneSpy app is compatible with almost all the operating systems and smart phones out there. You can use it on Android from version 1.5 to 7.0, on iPhones and iPads running IOS 4.0 to IOS 10.0 (granted the device is jail broken) and on Blackberry devices. TheOneSpy app has complete end to end encryption so no one other than you could use that data. The app is completely undetectable on the target device and only a real tech wizard would be able to find it.

TheOneSpy website has a very useful blog section as well which tells you how and when this app can be used and how it’s helping people. The website also has a detailed list of all the features and payment plans available for buying the app. The FAQ section is very interesting and their customer care is extremely responsive.

Some of the features that you get with TheOneSpy are recording voice calls and looking up call history, monitoring web browser history and viewing bookmarks. Monitoring of all major social media apps including Facebook, Skype, Snapchat, WhatsApp and Viber. Screen mirroring for SnapChat and keylogger for emails, passwords and messages. Alert notifications on SIM change and when device enters an unauthorized area. Tracking current GPS location and viewing travel routes. Viewing calendar entries and reminders. Using the cameras and  microphone as a bugging device. Looking at camera roll and taking screenshots. Blocking or removing apps from the target phone.

TheOneSpy app may seem a little expensive at first but it has great value for money. When you make a pro-con list of this app you will realize that the investment is worth it. But just to make deal more special, TheOneSpy is offering a flat 50% discount on all plans bought this Christmas season.

In conclusion, TheOneSpy is easily of the most reliable, impressive and overall useful spying apps available in the market these days. TheOneSpy is pretty much the ideal app to use for any suspicious spouse or concerned parent out there.

Author Bio

            Addison is a senior editor and blogger at Theonespy Blog. He loves to write about digital advancements in local sectors and mobile location tracking applications for business and employees management. To know more about him follow him on Twitter @addisonalbert55


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