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What are The Benefits of Guest Blogging?

Why Guest Blogging ?

Many bloggers have the misconception that blog visibility is achieved by generating the greatest volume of
content.Producing large volumes blog posts in relatively short time, they attack the blogosphere with their
articles.Unfortunatelly this usually does not lead anywhere.If you want to be recognized as a good blogger it is
necessary to surprise with the quality of your web content and have a very good success story with your blog.

Let me tell you something : Writing 5 blog posts of 2,000 words doesn't necessarily means a guaranteed success.
No, not at all.

I'm a blogger for the last 6 years and I assure you I have been through every possible experiment trying to increase my
blogs visibility in the Web.I tried all these:

1.Writing many short articles.Every day;
2.Writing many not very short articles.Daily;
3.Writing few short articles.Daily;
4.Writing few relatively long articles.Daily;
5.Writing many long articles.Every day;

And so on, and so on...

I've tried really everything and I can tell you for sure that I know what does work and what doesn't.
Today I want you to explain in depth one of my strategies that should always be within your content strategy too, if you
want to increase your blog visibility : the Guest Blogging.

What is guest blogging and Why is it so important?

Guest posting or Guest Blogging is a very common practice among those of us who are bloggers.
Guest Blogging is a strategy of being a guest author for another website or websites and one of the greatest advantages it has is that allows you to reach users who are not normally visitors on your own website.
Guest posts or guest articles can help with increasing your website visibility and boosting your brand or reputation as an expert in your sector.
Guest Blogging can also be a powerful Marketing tool that among other SEO practices helps us to target new audience,to gain more links and become more popular as an author, which certainly brings a number of other
advantages. As you can imagine one of the advantages is to achieve a better position in search engine results for your site or blog and to increase the traffic to your blog.


The main benefits and advantages from the Guest Blogging for the invited blogger are the following:

1 .The Guest blog will increase yours and your website visibility
Every blog has a number of readers who always go through and check what is new.If suddenly you are with a good post, because this is something new , the new post guarantees you greater visibility within a new audience.
Besides if you participate on a blog as a guest author or guest blogger, this is kind of accreditation as an authority in your sector, given by your blog host, or hosts.

2.The Guest blogging encourages professional relationships or friendships.
You can find many new people by guest posts - this can be the owner of the blog (your blog post host), or other bloggers who follow him and who may not even know you.
Guest blogging basically can help a lot for building a network of bloggers with similar interests.

3.Talk about different topics that you normally do not cover on your blog.
As you are not going to publish the same content that you usually post in your blog, this new content must be original, attractive and adapted to the site that invites you.
This is a reason to get inspired by the topic or the audience, or both and later on to write if not similar posts in our own blog, at least something close as a topic.

4.Generate links to the blog
Well, this is the main reason why most bloggers do Guest Blogging.If you want to climb Google, you need a link to your
website.If you want to win authority in your segment, you need links.If you want traffic from other blogs, guess what? You need links.A guest post is an easy way to get a high quality link to your blog.While the best link is that in addition to give authority to your website is one that also generates traffic, guest blogging is one of the best methods of obtaining natural, good quality links.

Here I have to mention that the guest post brings some advantages to the blog hosts too.

The main benefits and advantages from the Guest Blogging for the blogger that invites you and hosts your blog post or
posts are the following:

1.New Content
The biggest advantage for the Blog that invites is to gain a totally different content, increase the variety of entries,
keywords, etc. and with it increasing the possibilities of attracting brand new users.

2.Meet new Bloggers
Meeting new bloggers is an advantage for the blog hosts too.Blog posts hosting on your own blog brings more
possibilities to develop further your blog by using your new relations.

3.Build new Links to your blog
The Guest bloggers will bring some new links to your blog, which means more popularity.

4.New Audience
Maybe you are doing it very well, but having more and new subscribers or readers, and a larger audience it is always a

5.Saving Time
The guest bloggers will save you a lot of precious time for research and writing of new posts.

As we can see the Guest Blogging is a perfect example of a natural symbiose and could be a great advantage for all involved parties.There is still something though that has to be mentioned here: guest blogging has a number of advantages , but as everything in life has its own risks too. Being a Guest blogger has its advantages, but at the same time can seriously damage your website reputation, if Google considers that you are not doing it incorrectly.At the same time guest blogging can cause headaches only if common sense hasn't been used or Quality Guidelines from Google haven't been followed properly.


Here are some good tips to help you to get the advantages of guest blogging and How to do it properly and not get

1.Write your best content in your guest posts.
If you are going to write for others, give everything.Do not use previous articles, do not even thing about spinning articles. That may be fine for your blog, another's is disrespectful and may cost you your reputation.

2.Beware of links.
If you decide to put a link, ensure your link is relevant and consistent to the published content.You can always find a suitable place for your link - either in your bio or in another, more suitable article.
With this in mind, the best way to add value is, through links, to increase the information on specific points of the post.
If one of those links goes to an article on your blog, it is still relevant and useful. Whatever you do, do not put the link text thinking about SEO.

3.Do not just think about SEO.
The opportunity to appear in an important medium is more valuable than SEO potential.Do not insist on placing links if they do not come naturally with your post.The non-natural links will be found by Google
and then they will not help you to achieve your final goal.
To better understand this part of my tips : take your time and read Matt Cutt's post about the guest blogging.

4.Take care of your name and reputation.
If you care about what you write and where your name appears,you will not have spammers in your blog.Remember this one : you should expect exactly the same from the others.

5.Do not do it systematically.
If you need links, write about something relevant that gets you attention from others, but don't do it systematically.If you are not able to provide value,but a volume only, I doubt that you will be able to provide value through your articles
published on a number of relevant sites.

6.Write for the best.
If you are going to do guest blogging, aim high. If you start doing posts in third regional blogs because they are the only ones where you can appear, it is probably because you are doing it wrong.
Better take care of your reputation, add value, and expect to be able to write in more powerful sites.

7.Guest Blogging is a slow process.
The best thing you can do is take things slowly and do not rush to write every day and for everyone.I personally believe that guest blogging helped me a lot to improve my blog positioning and site ranking respectively,
but this really didn't happen overnight.



The main goals for guest blogging are :

1.Getting traffic and exposure for your website;
2.Building well-known name and authority in the blogging industry;
3.Building backlinks to your site;

Both parties (guest blogger and the blog host) can benefit if Guest blogging is done properly and according to the existing rules and good SEO practices.

Some of the benefits include :
1.New Audience;
2.Building relationship with other bloggers;
3.Broaden The Focus Of Your Blog Topics;






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