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Stay Top of Mind: How to Get Your Leads to Think About You

You’re always thinking about the leads in your pipeline, but let's be honest – how many are thinking about you?

It’s Valentine’s Day and we wanted to give you some ideas on how you can stay top of mind with your leads.

It’s Just a Little Crush

There are so many highly effective strategies to draw attention to yourself – we learned them all in high school. There was the object of your affection leaning against a lucky locker and you would try out a few scenarios to accelerate the infatuation to a concrete affirmation of life long love. Sometimes they even worked.

I Would Do Anything for Love

You spoke louder whenever they were in your vicinity, you sneaked treats into their book bag, you always placed yourself in their periphery, you didn’t come on too strong, you sent a few notes to test the lay of the land, you dressed up, you sprayed on the scent and brought your “A” game –you played harder, jumped higher and ran faster to show your best side.

These days some of those old charm tactics can be easily applied to staying top of mind with your generated leads, which could lead to hand holding and even the start of a long relationship. They’re called psychological triggers in the adult world of conversion courtship.

I Put a Spell on You

Perhaps you’ve overestimated your powers of hypnotism or persuasion. In which case it’s time for less psycho and more psychology. Sorry to break the news to you but human beings all respond to the same mental triggers. It’s time to switch them on in your favor and charge your marketing messages with psychological trigger switches.

Romance Reconnaissance 

You’ve got to do a little stalking and know what already influences your quality lead. We all are obsessed with gaining pleasure and outrunning pain –it’s what motivates every single action we choose to undertake. Some people, like ocean advocate Lewis Pugh, gain pleasure from speedo swims in the icy water of the North Pole because it highlights vulnerable ecosystems – which is his life’s purpose. For many others that would be a torturous experience.  When you know what really drives a specific person in their pleasure response we can speak to them in their own language.

Like when you started religiously watching the sport your crush was involved in so you could make their obsession yours too. (You know you did that). Once you know who they are you can speak to their needs.

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