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93.2% of Sales Reps Are More Productive When They Do This…

The big 93.2% percentage hook has your attention? Want the elixir for increasing sales productivity? Its…drum roll…big reveal… Use Sales Software!

Editors Note: Editors Note: This article was based on a recent interview with Karen McCandless researcher for Sales Management Software Reviews Company, GetApp.Comdiscussing her latest findings on customers, social selling and how sales enablement software can benefit a sales team.

Okay, so maybe you were expecting something you had never heard of before, a buzzword that you stumbled upon that would change your world forever?  Seriously, it’s sales software… but lets dive into some specifics.

Easy Riders

This is how it is going to revolutionize, revamp and renovate your modus operandi. In other words make your life a whole lot easier by increasing sales productivity –

“Easy like a Sunday Morning” (Lionel Richie)

  • It will free you from the shackles of manual data entry. And just like Tom Petty you’ll be “free, free fallin, yeah.”
  • You won’t have to keep updating the status of each deal in the pipeline. Can you see the gift of many hours being handed to you on a silver sales automation platter?
  • You can put away your data cleaning brooms and brushes secure in the knowledge that there will be no incorrect or duplicated data anymore.

Don’t you love a great statistic that sums up your challenges and hardships in a perfect number? This one is 35%. It’s the percentage of time available to sales people to actually sell their product. You already know this figure – it’s encoded in your cells.

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