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How You Can Build a Blog That Stands Out Among the Others- 11 Simple Tips

How to Create a blog that stands out of the Crowd ?


There are so many blogs on Internet, you might think that everyone has it. .Almost every
day I find some new interesting, recently posted blogs I have never heard of before, which
shows just how immense the blogosphere these days.

The reasons for starting a blog are different for everyone. Someone decides to blog about link building , someone on traveling or different topic.The expansion of popular and not so popular blogging platforms makes very easy people,who are interested in blogging to start their own blog, but, nevertheless, you can count the most successful blogs on your fingers. If you want to have a blog,which is not only
successful, but different and stands out of the crowd here are a few tips that will help you in
this matter.


Today I will share my opinion and some pieces of advice or blog tips that will help to make
your blog to stand out from other blogs in same niche.This post is mainly about new blogs,
but also for existing blogs,with the exception of the very first part, so if you are one of
these bloggers, who spend more than one hour per day with your blog, you might find it
useful for you too.


1.Start with a Distinctive Blog name

The blogs that stands out of the crowd usually have an interesting and easy to remember
names.This is very important in the days of social sites, social sharing and digital
marketing.A succesful blog would ideally have a succesful name.See the popular blog
Blogr.org for example.The name of your blog matters when comes to google ranking and
google ranks, so before you even start your blog,you should thing abou it.Have a thorough
look and try to find really specific name amongst the bilions of available domain names
and compare with the domain names of already popular blogs, which are well known.They
willl be your competitors, so a research has to be done in advance, if your plan is to make
a succesful blog.This is especially important if your blog is or it will be about a crowded



2.Write with Love

Blogging about what you like is the best way to make your blog popular. When you write with passion and love 
about what you adore, then your chances of popularity increase, crossing with the tastes of
your readers. Believe me, if you write about your interests, then make entries in the online
diary - it will bring you pleasure!



3.Publish Original and Interesting content

Correct me, if you think I'm wrong, but there is no succesful blog without good content.
You can probably make your blog popular if you copy all the information from Internet, or
other blogs, but then yuo will be one of many other bloggers, who are doing same.This is
why original content is so important for your blog to stand out, especially in a crowded



4.Post Useful Content

No matter how good your promotion tactics are, you can not succeed without having good
and useful content. The good blog content is the reason for your visitors to become your
auditory later.Even when you use popular promo channels to drive people to your blog site,
if the blog content is useless or just a bunch of text, the results will not be good. First of all,
the blog should be useful and this means - the content should solve a real problem that
your audience is having. That is why the best posts are made when writing for yourself (I
recommend trying this one)and as mentioned alreadywith love.This is because you know
your most pressing issues best, right?



5.Choose Unique topics

The blog and blog posts content must be unique - or give completely new information, or
add value to other content.
In fact, content content is niche with great potential success - see how many people find
value in the posts of content marketers such as Neil Patel about social media marketing, or
Rand Fishkin for search engines strategies,for instance.Chosing unique topics will make
you stand out from the crowd and if you combine this tactics with an "unique voice",then
this will help you a lot to build a succesful blog.As I used "unique voice", I would like to
explain what I mean, because this is not related to singing or shouting at all.The definition
unique voice is related to writing style, or writing styles of a writer or blogger.Combination
of various unique topics and thoroughly chosen posting frequency is a guarantee your
blog name will become famous in no time.



6.Select Evergreen Content

To promote your blog better, having evregreen content on your blog is always a good
strategy.In the world of blogging Evergreen content is lasting and sustainable content that
always be inetresting for your ereaders or audience to read, no matter if they visit your site
today or an year later.Some popular topics for evergreen content are How-To
guides,Beginner's guides,Checklists and Tutorials.I have read blog posts where as per
some other bloggers evergreen content of blogs include interviews and product
reviews, but I don't share their opinion.



7.Make your Blog Readable

The good blog post is not just a text. Blogs are built primarily on written text, but there
may be many more. Include visual content - images, infographics, videos. Pay attention to
the formatting of the text, when publish content.To increase readability and keep the
attention of users, let the contents breathe. Make it easy to scan with subtitles,paragraphs
and other elements.Another element to pay attention to is the design of your blog.Blogs
design is one of the elements often underestimated, but I consider it one of the important
factors for having a different blog and for this reason it is in a separate paragraph. An easily readable font can play an important role in detaining readers on your blog.Avoid fanciful fonts that are difficult to read and which may not be displayed on other computers, so your text will be displayed in the default font.Choose a simple color scheme,because bright or disharmonious colors could scare off visitors from your blog.



8.Compile Interesting Titles

Post titles are very important part of the task to attract visitors and to make them to have a
look.This will not make your blog a successful blog, but there is a good chance people to
discover and read your post.The original blog posts have interesting headlines,that grab
the attention of readers.You can check this post for more details about the interesting post


9.Interesting and Simple Design

When your audience comes around to read your post, they should not be shocked or
confused of how your blog look like.This is a simple and still very important part of making
your blog different.The blogs stand out of the crowd, when they are simple as design and
arrangement, but are still interesting to read.You visitors, and audience will soon get
disappointed, if they have to jump from one paragraph to another,through a bunch of
different ads, trying to find out where is the most interesting part or your post.



10.Find Targeted Niche

Share content with those who really are interested and care about it - applies to both-the
leaders of your niche and the audience you've already met.This will help you to have your
regular audience which you write for.



11.Connect with Your Audience

You need to build relationships with your audience - even if it's only virtual. The ultimate
goal is to get to know their needs and to be able to provide useful content especially for
them. This is also useful to stimulate a constant group of loyal readers - it works well for me to
communicate with them by comment section on my blogs, but also by email with regular
newsletters with courageous own content.

Try to listen to their answers and advices, this will help improve your content on the blog.
Tactics to build an audience on social networks is useful in the short term, but it is not a
good idea to rely on platforms you do not have complete control over.When you communicate directly with your readers,
they become frequent guests on your blog and your blog will be different than many



Conclusions and few other Tips:

To make your blog to stand out from other blogs in same niche you really have to write with passion and to be related with your readers and audience.
There are milions blogs which are filled with tons of information, but there is no responce on comments from the blogger or owner of the blog. This is maybe a good tactic for an online magazine, but not for a blog.
Other essential tips for building a different and interesting blog are original and useful content, the user-friendly blog design and the catchy titles or headlines.



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