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Simple Tips to Get Very High Quality Backlinks

As you know, the quality backlinks pointing to a website are amongst most important ranking factors in the SEO world. Many experts will confirm that the number of links to the site is important, but not as important as their quality.When high-quality websites link to a website, this sends positive signals to search engines.These positive signals mean for the search engines, the site in question is valuable and useful, and the users who are searching for particular piece of information would be happy to find it.This process helps the website to rank higher in the search engine results pages and gain authority for particular terms or search queries,known as keywords.


In order your website to be competitive in search engine results pages (well known as SERP), you must build high-quality backlinks. This process works best when you use authentic and organic strategies, like those listed in this post, to develop your backlink profile.By building high-quality backlinks, you’ll achieve long-term SEO benefits, better performance in search and more traffic.

You must develop a strategy to build high-quality backlinks to your website to gain visibility for your site on search engine results pages.

There are many strategies that, when used in conjunction with each other, will help your site earn high-quality backlinks and improve your website search visibility, and of course there are simple, quick tricks to get links back to your website.The most uncomplicated strategies to get backlinks are known as black-hat techniques, which I don't recommend.

Build high-quality backlinks the right way by using the tips in this post, also known as white hat techniques for building backlinks will help you develop and grow your website’s link portfolio and search visibility.


My list of strategies to Build High-Quality Backlinks includes the website Content, the Outreach to the external sources and Relationships building.



List of strategies for Building High-Quality Backlinks that Work


The Content
The content on your site is the most critical factor in link building and has a significant impact on your website’s ability to gain backlinks. Here I will present few strategies and tactics you can implement to attract links to your on-site content.


Publish Useful Content
There is no doubt that all of the content on your entire website should be of high value and high-quality if you want to attract links.When I say "high-quality", I mean useful and original content.Your site's content helps other content creators such as bloggers, journalists, marketers to determine if your content is helpful for their purposes and if they wish to link to it.

Be Original and Creative
The published content on your website as a whole is a reflection of your company, brand or organisation. If your website pages look low quality or lack original or valuable information, other sites will not see you as an authentic source worth linking to.

Use these content writing tips to create high-quality content that looks professional and can earn you links for a long time.




Use Visual Content
The useful visual content is a straightforward strategy to attract links. Visual media such as videos, images, charts, infographics can be more effective at drawing backlinks from other sites.When creating content to get high-quality backlinks, don’t focus solely on various media types copies and text.Don’t build only copy-based content. Add own graphics to your blog posts, and create informative images or charts that can be reused by others or can stand on their own.

Make Linking to Your Content an easy task
Creating high-quality content will improve your chances of getting other sites to link back to your pages.Make sure you facilitate the auditory and visitors in the process of sharing and linking your to content.You can refine this process by making it easy for other publishers to connect back to your site. For example, HTML snippets that are ready and other publishers can copy -paste on their websites and link to yours, can help a lot with your link building strategies. Another suggestion is to use tools that insert a link back to your site when users copy and paste content from your website.When sharing useful content this drives traffic and further benefits for every website.

Include Evergreen Content
Same as evergreen trees retain their leaves all year round, evergreen content is content that always remains relevant, fresh and interesting to read.
Websites often link to other sites that offer evergreen and useful information, that can be applicable over an extended period.

Examples of Evergreen content
Evergreen content is attracting links, as other publishers know it will provide long-term value and will not become irrelevant or expire over the time. Examples of evergreen content can be checklists, glossaries of phrases or terms, tutorials,"how-to" publications, Frequently Asked Questions, testimonials and others.That, in a nutshell, is what is evergreen content.Build these type of evergreen resources and pages on your site to encourage more links back to your website.

Note that evergreen content shouldn’t remain forgotten on your blog because it still has to be updated from time to time, even if this is not required very often.

Create Research posts
One type of content you can include on your website to attract high-quality backlinks is the original research posts, so produce and create other material, based on original research.Case studies, surveys, useful business data or information do not exist in other places can be a great benefit to you and your website's authority and popularity. When you post original data, or statistics other websites owners or webmasters will be likely to link back to your good, fresh and useful source.

Utilize Trending Topics
As mentioned above, the evergreen content will build links and provide value over time.It can also be beneficial for your website popularity to publish a material, which is time-sensitive and vital and will help you to build high-quality backlinks.
Content on newsworthy or trending topics can often lead to links from media outlets, news sites or other websites that serve more dynamic content. Such type of material cannot provide the linking value of evergreen content, for example, but it can help earn quick and relevant links.

Create Comprehensive assets
An excellent way to use content and to catch the attention of other webmasters, publishers or readers and build high-quality links is by producing in-depth and comprehensive, assets or resources. Create high-value guides, checklists, and detailed glossaries that others will see as a source worth linking to. See the section for evergreen content, mentioned above.If you publish your Content as a list, for example, there are high chances to catch more attention and lead to more links, because audiences love posts that look like lists. The bite-size chunks of information make the list-type format easy to read on both desktops and mobile devices.


The Outreach
Creating high-quality and valuable content helps you to organically earn links from webmasters and other publishers who appreciate and find your work useful and relevant. However, to get even more links, you will need to reach out to other people, who own or run related websites, help them find your content and choose to link to you.For this reason, the outreach is another crucial point in the link building strategies.

Find Websites That Link to your Competitors
Your outreach strategy should start with research on your competitors' keywords and find sites that link to them.
To identify the places that are possible sources for backlinks to your website, first, check out the websites that link back to your competitors' sites.Then use the backlink gaps where competitors are getting links, but you are not and try to improve the situation.

Identify the Good-quality Links
Before you start your outreach campaign, you should make a research on links that worth.Links that come from authoritative sites will improve your search rankings more than links from low-quality sites. So as you conduct your link building outreach efforts, know which sites are worth pursuing, and only reach out to qualified sites worth your efforts and time.

Get in Touch
After checking the type of content that links to your competitors' websites, you can get in touch with the owners of the linking sites and try the chance of getting a link from these.
The outreach should be done by an e-mail to the webmaster, with a request to publish a link to your website. Of course, adding your business to the list has to be a benefit for their audience’s experience too.Another way to find high-quality backlinks relates to guest blogging sites. Reach out to places where your competitors have published guest posts.Guest blogging can be an excellent opportunity not only for your competitors but also for your brand.The outreach with guest blogging sites is not different to the one explained above.


Request Links To Your Brand
If you’re producing high-quality content and you are heavily engaged in outreach efforts, you might start to receive mentions of your company or brand on other websites. If the mention doesn’t include a link back to your site, reach out the publisher and request it. Google Alert can be handy to follow when your company or brand was mentioned somewhere on the internet.

Ask for Image Links
Images embedded in websites often include a link to their source.
If a website has published some of your original images, charts or infographics, then this can be a good chance for you to ask for a backlink, along with a citation. You can also encounter websites where the links to images from used from other sources are broken, or not relevant. Pay attention to these types of link opportunities and use them, when such opportunities occur, to make outreach and take advantage.


Reuse Broken Links
Search for relevant websites with broken links, as they provide a simple opportunity for you to gain high-quality backlinks.
On the web, there are many trustworthy websites, where you can find broken links.If you manage to see a broken link on a website, relevant to your industry or company, contact the publishers or the webmasters, notify them of the error, and provide a link back to your site that could be a suitable or even better replacement for the broken link.Just as some website publishers don’t always link when they should, they might also include links that are broken or incorrect.


Build Relations
Outreach it’s not the only way you can leverage your connections to earn links. You can also use following tactics to leverage your partnerships and contacts to grow your backlink profile.


Feature Other Brands
An easy way to get a link back from another website is by featuring its brand and name on yours. This approach will help you to start a relationship, beneficial for both sides and it also increases the likelihood to get a link back, which provides excellent exposure.If you feature a company on your website, a company representative could mention your post on their corporate site and might link back to your blog or website.

Give an Interview
Another way to build relationships and get high-quality backlinks is by offering to give an interview or contribute to roundup posts. For instance, when blogs publish features on best practices or examples from a group of people, they typically link back to the featured person.Such activity is a perfect opportunity to gain a quality link to your profile page or your company's website.


Link building strategies don’t end here. There are numerous other creative ways to gain links, but organic and natural link building is one of the most critical search engines ranking factors. High-quality backlinks pointing to your website will create a good link profile that will not cause penalties but will have a positive effect on the website’s search rankings.


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