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How to check on-page SEO of your website

How to check on-page SEO of your website

When it comes to a business website on-page SEO is the biggest factor which can influence the audience. For services websites, it can be somehow ignored. But, for information providing blogs, or business blog, every single little thing counts. So, if you had created a blog, and do not know where is the mistake, or why are you not ranking on the first page of the Google. You need to check the entire on-page SEO of your blog.

There are dozens of the tools premium and free, which can do the task efficiently.

If you can afford and do not have enough time to check squares and inches of the websites, it would be good to go with Premium Tools.

On-page Factors- Check these Factors on your website and analyze yourself

And you want to go deep down, and get to know every little thing which is hunting down your ranking. Then, manually check website on-page SEO and remove all errors.

I am going to mention the on-page SEO factors, read and check it on your website.

The content of website:

At the end of the day, this is the content what users see. The content of the page is what Google analyzes and ranks. And this is one of the most important SEO factors if you do not put your entire focus on this thing, believe me, you are leaving a bunch of cash on the table.

You would have seen some website, while not having domain authority page authority and page links, still manage to get ranking better than other good metrics websites.

That is what Google RankBrain doing nowadays if you could provide Good content to the Google; you can rank higher on searches.

You need to check these two things and get to know either you are writing down good content

  • Good content supply a demand
  • Good content is linkable

If you are not getting page views, you are not about to sell your product, or you are not about to make the user spend the time to read, there are mistakes in your writing style or in information.

What should be the ideal length of the content?

There is no measurement, what is the good length and what is the bad- you need to provide accordingly your niche.

If you are running an offline business, and want to put that online

The on-page SEO demand you will be different.

You need to take care of navigation- put your genuine address, email contact information and phone number in the header of the website.

If you are providing some services- need to provide rates, running hours, and elaborate on your services.

But, if are providing some apps to download, some software to get, you should provide the download links on the top of the article page.

So, the demand is different, you should examine why the user landed on your page.

If he comes to download some application, and you are giving him filthy content after content, he might go back to download the same app from any other website.

But, provide the length of the content more than your competitors providing, along with better navigations and user-experience.

Title of the page:

One the most important thing- and most of the people do this mistake, in the title of the pages.

In starting of my blogging career- I use to search the competition of a keyword phrase and try to use that length of the keyword to be on everywhere of my post.

Like, most of the time, I had written topics, with 3,4 words of the title. I use to use only those 3, 4 words, which I found in keyword competition and which I considered got more searches.

Do not do this- And put an attractive title on the page

Your SEO plugin might show you, the keyword density is low or you have not used the keyword in the title etc.

Do not believe in the Plugin, when it comes to keyword density, if you would care plugins, you might end at the closed end with Google Penguin Spam penalty.


Default URL setting in WordPress can suck your entire website SEO.

As sometimes, default URL also put the data of the posting in the URL of the post.

SEO friendly URL is the best setting, and if you had used the default URL and now want to change all URLs of the website, must redirect all the previous URLs to new ones. Otherwise, you would lose most of the traffic of your blog.

Like URL should use the keyword in it, it should provide the meaning of something.

The first one is good practice and uses it while creating URL of the pages.

High resolutions images with proper ALT tags

You might not take it seriously, as most of the people do.

But, this is one of the ranking factors which Google uses to analyze the ranking of the page.

And do you know, Google cannot find the content of the images except to read it via ALT tags and descriptions?

Google can only read the text- what is the content of the images, it cannot.

So, putting images in the content, and not providing the alt tags really a bad practice. If you had made this mistake, try to put alt tags on all the images to get good ranking on search engines.

Plus, High resolutions images should be used- try to buy the images, or at least edit them before using them in your content.

Internal Linking:

Internal Lining of the content with proper anchor text can make you stand out in the crowd.

But, it should be used in proper ways, do not just do it to interlinking of the content. Most of the time, overstuff the content with internal Linking, it will make difficult to the Google to analyze which post to rank for that specific keyword.

Site navigations:

One should think, Google also doing a business. And people who choose this search engines to search our users.

And Google has to provide the best and most authority pages to make the users land on them.

So, whoever providing the best user-experience, and got great site navigations, of course, will enjoy the fruit at the end.

In the end, Google business is all about the users, if you do provide the great content- add values for the users, you would flourish your business on Google undoubtedly.

You need to check these factors to examine on-page SEO of your website and check if you are doing any of the mistakes what can drop your ranking down.


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