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How To Promote and Advertise Your Blog

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Having a blog is a great thing.

There are many ways for you to earn money from your blog if you know what to write about and how to write it in a way to
meet the high demands of the today's' market.

You can get paid for each blog post that you write, and then get paid in bulk if a company likes you and decides to outsource
you as their primary blog writer.You can also post advertisements, and then get commissions for each time that your blog visitors click on your
advertisements.Plus you can get paid by the companies who want to use your blog as their own advertising posting site.
This is the reason why the bloggers write often about a product,products or promotions.All of the mentioned ways have one
common thing : you need to attract the visitors first.


Promoting your Blog

The blogs promotion can be tricky sometimes. Especially these days when the blogs and the bloggers are everywhere
around, and the competition is high. Blogs containing various topics, pictures and sometimes they serve as mini magazines.
But what if no one visits your blog to read all your articles,after all, efforts from your side ,regardless whether they are
informative and useful or not?

Sure-your blog needs a promotion.


Promoting your blog by e-mail.E-mail Signature.

You can start with the blog promotion by creating or redesigning your e-mail (or email) signature,first.
Consider your e-mail signature as a promotional logo for your blog.A strong email signature is attention-getting and looks
cool and professional. It’s not flashy, but it’s not bland either.
So how should you design your email signature?
First of all: you should keep to a very small number of lines, and avoid when possible the formatting of the text and inserting files that may
make your email hard to read or/and difficult to load.

Keep your email signature to three or four lines, when this is possible: your blog address, your name, and a description of your blog.

Why should you put your blog address out there?

You need people to see what your blog name and address is, instead of having to make them
click on a “click here” or “see more” link that you intend to hyperlink into their browsers.
You need your name as author, of course, and you can include a quick description of your blog in order to tell your readers
what they should expect.These are some of the tips that you may want to take into account when you plan using your email signature for
promoting your blog.

Experiment and see which model will work for you. If you are able to use your email signature well, then
you will be able to get more visitors to your blog.

Now imagine you've sent an e-mail to a number of people.
It is possible to send an e-mail to thousands of people in just a single click of a button. If you link your signature to your blog all
the recipients of your email will get as well the direct link to your blog. And this,as mentioned already will increase the traffic on
your site.

Simple, isn't it?

With high traffic, you will have the chance your blog to be successful.Apparently it also depends on
what part of the posted information the visitors will find useful?
The email signatures can range from one to a hundred number of words (don't ever do it),but they must be engaging and at
the same time simple, so the readers will remember them and as a result to visit at least one of the links you have posted .I wouldn't recommend using too many links in your signature, though.Below there are examples of email signatures that you can use as patterns.
Take a look at the two examples shown here in order to get the idea what an email signature is :

e-mail signature 




 I'm sure you've seen similar signatures many times.Some of them look exactly like business cards.

If you can't remember-check your Junk e-mail box.
Don't forget to include in your email signature information about your blog, i.e -its name or other links that you think will help it to
achieve the maximum number of visits.The shown examples don't have it included as an info, but this is the easiest way of
promoting your blog by using email.Keep it all as short as possible, though.
Along with the advertising line for your blog,it's a very good idea to include links to your social media pages in your e-mail
signatures, as shown in the examples.
This reinforces your personal brand and also helps the people to find new ways to contact you or follow you.
The third example is slightly different, compared with the other two:




As you can see-the promo link to the blog is included on the bottom and the e-mail is included, but can be skipped.
Do you remember who sent that e-mail?Actually, it's really convenient to have the contact e-mail as a part of the other info
included in the e-mail signature.This is up to you.Adding a logo,or a slogan it's also up to your decision.
I recommend to use the following pattern for your e-mail signature(s):

Your Name
Title (not always necessary), Company (with link to website)
Your/Your company Phone number
Link(s) to the social sites

The proper email signature will help you a lot with the promotion of your blog,brand, and name,so don't underestimate it's
importance.If you like,you can use this link to see more examples of various e-mail signatures :

Examples of email signatures on Pinterest



Promoting Your Blog on Forums


Another great opportunity for a blog/blogs promotion are the forums.
Most of them are free.Also, they are interactive and all of them have users.Users that can be potentially your readers and fans in future.
In forums, hundreds and thousands of people will be able to view some information about your blog, or a link to it.
They will be able to access it easily,read it and eventually to post a backlink to your blog on other websites.
An easy promotion.

By the reactions of the various members of certain forums, you will be able to easily check if your blog is helpful or not.
An important thing to mention-use only relevant, appropriate forums to promote your content.Always pick a forum and a
topic/topics that has something to do with your blog.Only post the advertisement in a forum that is directly related to your blog.
This is what the gurus call a TA (targeted audience).Target your audience,first.

You may think that this is common sense, but you need to know why it’s the best practice for any blogger.
Many of the bloggers make the mistake of spamming different content in forums or other blogs in their efforts to spread
sometimes not relevant info throughout the forum.
This can be a costly mistake: you can alienate your potential readers,which works against your own potential.
Since the existing in Internet forums are thousands I will recommend to use different forums, rather only one or two for
promoting your blog.

The forums are a great way to not only meet people but get the word out on any kind of news.
Some bloggers place their blog URL address in their signatures, or they place them directly in their posts as a link (sometimes as a slogan, or a motto)
Help the people by posting useful for them content. Put your blog address in your signature, but start out by helping people
with their problems.If you allow the others to feel that they are important, they will be interested in you and in what you are doing.
And the other very important things :
spell well, check your grammar and look at your punctuation.This is part of your reputation as a person and as a blogger too.
The proofreading is important because if you have a lot of typos or misspellings, it undermines your authority.
Would you trust someone who you normally don't know and who doesn't spell properly even simple words?I wouldn't.

Promoting Your Blogs on other blogs


Leaving a comment in others people blog can be a good option for the promotion of your own blog.
Many bloggers will post short comments like "Amazing post.", "Outstanding article!" and "Thank you" but in case you want to make more meaningful contribution to the conversation you have to say a bit more. Why the post is it so "Amazing"?
There are some simple rules of courtesy when you’re posting a comment on someone else’s blog:

  • Provide a link to your blog just when is suitable to do so and after you leave a relevant comment.Don’t be selfish or self-serving.
  • Leave your name or a just nickname even if the blog comments can be anonymous.The comments which are completely anonymous usually are not considered serious.
  • Leave meaningful blog comments.Show your knowledge,wisdom, and expertise but don't be tedious.Try not to provide excessive information,because this sometimes can be annoying.
  • Again-your comments must be relevant to the topic, even if you want just to say a simple "thank you" to the blogger, who created the blog or the article.
  • Don't be offensive.You can politely disagree with the post or its author, but don’t be argumentative.Most of the blogs have a comment section for a reason, but be polite.You can be still very clear in saying that you only wish to express your opinion and nothing else. 
  • Don't be a spammer.Leaving spam comments to promote your blog may seem tempting enough but it's best to avoid it. People hate spam and you'll be seen as unprofessional.Same for your blog.If you're posting a comment with the hope of driving traffic to your own blog, think very carefully before you include a link in your comment.
  • Be consistent.Leaving useful comments on others blogs regularly might lead to reciprocity, a factor that will help with your blog promotion.This kind of partnership and collaboration can be a benefit for both of you.

Here a there examples of nice blog comments, which are also utilized for promoting a content:


Thank you for all the insight into social media etiquettes. It’s quite helpful for me.I appreciate all of your efforts for sharing your thoughts.

This is a wonderful post that I shall link to on Twitter and my blog.
Regards : Martha Louise


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I think it will help a lot of people like me in my journey of Internet Marketing.
Have a wonderful holiday,

Kevin Rowland


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I think there are few things that you've missed, though.
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Promoting Your Blog by using the Blog Directories


One more way for you to make more people aware of your blog or post is to add your blog to blog directories.
There are hundreds of different directories available, and you don't have to spend much time finding them.
You are not limited or obliged to stick to a single blog directory.Try placing yourself in about four or five of them, since there are readers and browsers that stay loyal to only one, single blog directory.
Certainly, you would like to use these which will allow you to gain visibility quickly and will help you to spread the word amongst more potential readers of your articles.
The most important part of this process is the planning of the suitable keywords for introducing your blog(s) or article(s) to the blog directories.
And just to give my two cents here : it is worth spending some time for a thorough research on this topic.
The relevant keywords are required when you register your blog site. in a blog directory. Make sure you don't put down random keywords in an effort to get your blog noticed anywhere and everywhere.
You don't want to mislead and disappoint your potential visitors and readers with keywords that are popular,but not relevant to your shared content.


Promoting Your Blog on the Social Media


These days are the days of the social media and the social networks.

Amongst all of the above-mentioned ways of promoting a blog,I prefer myself the last one,because the social media is one of the most powerful tools available.
Unfortunately, many of the content marketers fail to maximize its full potential.
Your task here will be to find which ones of the social media channels will be the most profitable for your cause.
But how many and what type of social media you should utilize?As many types as you want and many as you can maintain.
I use the term "maintain" for a reason.When you get started on social media you’ll discover that you can’t post enough on your blog to entertain.
This can be easily achieved by using  social media automation tools.



I hope this short blog entry to be useful for you and your blogging experience.
Keep in touch.







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