30+ Good Reasons Why You Shouldn't Quit Smoking

Why You Shouldn't Quit Smoking?

People quit smoking for various reasons, most commonly to improve their health or to
save money.

Most of the things I've read on internet convice you to Quit Smoking or
give you nice Tips for How to Quit Smoking.Thinking through your own personal reasons to
quit will help you decide if smoking is worth it or not.Want to quit smoking?


Here are my thoughts and 32 really good reasons on Why You Shouldn't Quit Smoking:



1.You really love the unique color of your stained teeth.




2.You really enjoy the authentic smell of your clothes.




3.Most of the people you meet with find the smell of your breath really attractive




4.You like the way you look and think that the aged skin is sexy.

 aged-skin-768 x 513.jpg



5.You are a brave person who think that cancer, heart attacks, heart disease, stroke,
cataracts are boring words for diseases or topics the others use to talk about daily. 




6.You will feel really sad if your fingers and fingernails will no longer look yellowish.




7.You are not happy to be less likely to catch colds or the flu, and to be able to recover
quicker when you do get sick.

sick-smoker-1083 x 466.jpg



8.You really don't want to breathe easier




9.You think coughing is something you just can't live without.

coughing-smoker-1000 x 689.jpg



10.You realized nothing else can beat the way any food tastes after a cigarette




11.Your lifestyle is very satsfactory and you don't really need a better lifestyle.




12.You have more than enough money to waste on drugs.

 money-waste-smoking-640 x 480.jpg



13.You have usually low blood pressure and you want to maintain it on higher levels.

low-blood-pressure-800 x 459.jpg



14.You don't need more energy to do the things you love with friends or family.

smoking-tired-woman-600 × 337.jpg



15.You just can't live without this great cigarette smell your car or home.




16.You figured out that when you smoke,then the food,the flowers, and any other
things smell and taste a way better.

 guy-with-cigar-1024 x 600.jpg



17.You wan't your name to be remembered as one of the generous sponsors of the
Global tobacco industry.




18.You don't care about your sexual health.




19.You adore to get lectured by non-smoker friends, family or colleagues.

 lecture-smoking-696 × 463.jpg



20.You can't find better ways to kill the time, when bored.

 smoking-bored-634 x 422.jpg



21.You are one of those people who think that smoking makes you a very social

 smoking-social-2000 x 1000.jpg



22.Your mood gets better every time when lit a cigarette, mostly because you know
you can conrol the smoking and quit anytime you want.

smoking-control-woman-640 x 480.jpg



23.You are happy to provide free secondhand smoke to the loved ones and all around




24.You enjoy to set a great example for your kids and teach them how to produce nice




25.You don't want to be as productive as your non-smoking colleagues at work.



26.You think that everyone should have at least one hobby and the smoking is yours.

smoking-machine-1411 x 985.jpg



27.You are one of those people who think that is not a good idea your children to be



28.You share the opinion that the planet is overcrowded and you are trying to help.

planet-overcrowded-1200 x 800.jpg


29.You love the weapons for mass desctuction.




30.You don't want politicians to decide what is exciting in your life.



31.You like to feel stressed and worry about where you can smoke next,do you have
enough cigarettes or how long is the flight.




32.You disagree with the opinion that the Nicotine is one of the five most addictive drugs on earth. 




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