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8 Health Benefits of Spirulina

Spirulina is a blue – green algae which comes with a spiral shape. Therefore, it’s called spirulina. It is a cyanobacteria species and its scientific name is Arthrospira platensis. This plant can be easily found in alkaline lakes in Africa and Mexico. It contain nutrients galore like proteins, minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates as well as other trace elements. Spirulina possesses the ability of enduring in the most hazardous conditions, both chemically and environmentally.

It provide us abundant health benefits some of that include reducing cholesterol amount in the blood, supporting immune system, securing liver, lowering the toxicity in the kidneys, preventing kidney infections, manipulating bronchial asthma and boost the supple of antioxidants.

1. Easy to digest

It is shown that spirulina obtains skinnier microorganism walls (which is called cellulose) in the comparison with other plant cousins. The cell wall of this incredible spiral – shaped algae is made of mucopolysaccharide (complex sugar). Therefore, the cell wall can be digested, which is totally different from cellulose in plants. Moreover, it is also very helpful for probiotic cells like lactobacillus (a positive cell lives in our digestion).

2. Reduce Cholesterol Levels

This spiral – shaped algae is very beneficial for your overall health because it is able to reduce serum cholesterol as well as accelerate HDL cholesterol amount (high density lipoprotein). The appearance of gamma – linolenic acid in this veggie can effectively boost the cholesterol reduction.

3. Secure from mercury poisoning

You must have hear about mercury poisoning. Mercury is a fluid metal, if touch by bare hands or inhale the vapor from boiling mercury can be extremely fatal since it can cause serious poisoning to human body. Inorganic mercury gathering are mainly discovered in kidneys and they are the worst and the most dangerous thing to affect the organs. It is indicated that spirulina can significantly lower the amount of mercury chloride–associated poison as well as renal devastation cause by toxicity in mice.

4. Immunomodulatory Properties

Spirulina is indicated that having plenty of immunomodulatory compounds. These compounds include bone marrow regrowth, spleen development, thymus and higher white blood organism creation as well as an extension of the amount of lymphocytes. See some fantastic ways to treat oral thrush.

5. Higher amount of red blood microorganism

Besides its amazing ability to enhancing the immunity, this plant is also able to be very effective in enhancing the red blood microorganism as well. It is revealed that after more than 4 months of consumption of spirulina, the elderly’s blood cells and the hemoglobin levels are intensified incredibly.  

6. Antimicrobial Properties:

Extracted spirulina contained abundant antimicrobial compounds. The extracts from this incredible plant have been successfully checked to see whether it can fight back some certain types of virus or not. And the results are surprising. Those viruses such as measles virus, human cytomegalovirus,influenza virus, herpes simplex bacteria, mumps virus and especially HIV – 1 viruses were manipulated to a main extent. Now the extract from spirulina can be treated as one of the cures for cancer patients to help them to attain the better, happier and longer life.  

7. Treating Cancer

As mentioned above, spirulina obtains the incredible ability to prevent cancers. It is the rich source of phycocyanin as well as beta – carotene. These two biochemical have the anti – cancerous compounds. Phycocyanin may scavenge the DNA-devastating poison such as peroxynitrite, and it is also able to manipulate the cancer cells, which subsequently enables it to be a controller of liver cancer.

8. Anti – Inflammatory Components

Consumption of this incredible vegetable on a frequent basis can significantly reduce inflammation. When arthritic lab mice were offered spirulina, the arthritis – related inflammation has been significant reduced compared to other animals.


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